IS announced its defeat with a big attack on the Kurds


IS was a great danger to humanity. So the whole world and those who represent humanity have gone to the place where there are people who fight it. These were the resistance of light in the face of darkness. Just as those who represent the values ​​of humanity are directed to the place where the fight is going on, the representatives of darkness joined the ranks of Daesh. These countries have exploited this situation to conduct a filtering process within them. Especially the European countries, dealt with the war in Syria and Iraq as an opportunity to get rid of extremists. So when these extremists went to Syria, these countries opened the way to the extremists and facilitated their way not only the European countries but also the Asian countries and Russia.

Many regional and international countries have seen how Daesh occupied large areas of Iraq and Syria. According to those countries, Assad's authority in Syria and the power of Nuri al-Maliki in Iraq had to be overthrown. Countries such as Qatar and Turkey have sought to redraw the map of the Middle East through the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, classified as terrorist and the Turkish state eagerly sought to re-establish the Ottoman Empire.

Many consider that Daesh is merely a group formed in 2014. But the reality is quite contrary. It was formed in 2003 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a senior al Qaeda leader. This group was formed in September 2003 under the name of the Tawhid wal Jihad Group.

After Zarqawi's death in October 2006, the Mujahideen Shura Council announced the establishment of the "State of Islam in Iraq". Abu Omar al-Baghdadi announced as the new organization's amir. After the death of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the leader of the state of Islam in Iraq and his war minister, Abdul-Ayyub, in April 2010 in Iraq, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became the head of Daesh, although many did not know him at the time, was arrested by US forces for some time.

The decision to support the preacher was taken in Jordan

On June 1, 2014, a meeting was held in Turkey, Qatar and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and several countries. There, the first corner stone of an offensive plan in Syria and Iraq by IS was put so that these parties and forces could intervene in Syria and Iraq according to their interests.

IS formed on the basis of anti-Americanism

In Iraq, IS declared war on the United States. In this war it has been supported by many countries, either directly or indirectly. No matter how contradictory these countries are in some areas, they have agreed on anti-Americanism. Anti-Americanism began from two directions. On the one hand, the Turkish state believed that America was establishing a Kurdish state in Iraq and on the other hand, strengthening Shiite influence. The second direction was Syria and Iran. Iran regarded the US presence in the Middle East as an antagonism, while Iran has provided significant support to groups associated with Daesh through Syria where hundreds of Sunni Arabs crossed into Iraq from Syria and fought the United States.

Syria, Iran, and Iraq were empowered Daesh

This Syrian-Iranian-Turkish agreement is a strong one based on anti-Americanism in Iraq. In effect, IS forms part of this agreement. Iran in particular, wanted to reshape Sunni groups. Turkey wanted to strengthen the movement of these groups. This Syrian-Iranian-Turkish agreement against America has turned into an Iranian-Turkish war in Iraq.

IS' partners fought one another

Because of the US absence from Iraq, or at least the undisclosed presence, groups like IS became headaches for Iran and Syria. The Turkish state considered this an opportunity. Turkey accelerated the pace of strengthening IS through its consulate in Mosul. After the internal fighting and the occupation of Mosul and in order not to reveal the Turkish relationship with IS, Turkey fabricated a game for the capture of the consular staff in Mosul by IS. This was Turkey's campaign to hide their relationship.

IS made a strategic mistake by attacking the Kurds

IS which was heading to Baghdad and Damascus, stopped its attack suddenly on Iraq and the Syrian regime and directed its attack to the areas of the Kurds. Then Daesh began to move according to the demands and objectives of the Turkish state, setting sole objective before their eyes, but, indeed, it was a big strategic mistake. Especially after the offensive attack on Kobani, some mercenary leaders acknowledged it.

The Turkish state wanted to hunt more than one bird in a single room via IS. The demands that Turkey has been unable to achieve because of the international law Daesh did. In other words, IS became a representative of the Turkish state. Turkey perceived the federal regions of Rojava as weakness to it. According to Turkey, those areas should have been eliminated. Turkey saw in the achievements of the Kurds a new danger that must be eliminated. At first, IS fought the Kurds for the sake of the Turkish state.

Daesh is part of the Muslim Brotherhood

On the illusion of reviving the Ottoman Empire, Turkey tried to occupy the areas from Egypt to Iraq. I must show here that it is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood. For the Turkish state under Erdogan, he is not only president of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also presides IS.

IS attacked the world on behalf of Turkey

The Turkish state has brought the world and not just the Middle East, under the influence of fear of IS through the operations carried out by Daesh against the countries of Europe, America and Russia under Turkish influence. After the Russian-Turkish Astana agreement, attacks on Russia were stopped.

IS is being defeated today in the latest locations in Deir ez-Zor. This is not only defeat of IS, in the first place it is Turkey's.