Iraqi writer: Arab elites joining Ocalan freedom initiative increases

The Iraqi writer and journalist, Ali Naji, said that joining the Arab elites, who were far from Ocalan issue due to the lack of information, the “Arab initiative for Ocalan's freedom” is increasing day by day. He added, “Our initiative will contribute to alleviating injustice of Ocalan inside Turkish prisons.”

On the twenty-second anniversary of the international conspiracy that targeted the leader Abdullah Ocalan on February 15th, a group of Egyptian and Arab intellectuals launched an Arab initiative with the aim of introducing the issue of Ocalan and his people under the name "The Arab Initiative for Ocalan Freedom", based on their humanitarian affiliation under a duty of supporting the strugglers for their peoples freedom on the one hand, and loyalty to the close historical ties that united the Arab and Kurdish peoples.

In this context, the Iraqi writer and journalist residing in Paris, Ali Naji, said that the initiative launched by an elite of Arab intellectuals and political activists to demand freedom for the Kurdish struggler Abdullah Ocalan is part of the activities that were carried out in the past by some activists, advocates of freedom and the Arab elite who know how Ocalan is wronged.

A member of the “Arab Initiative for Ocalan Freedom” revealed in a special statement to our agency that the initiative aims to unify visions and convey a stronger and wider voice to all Arab and international public opinion about Ocalan's facing injustice and the moral, physical torture that the Turkish regime is doing against him inside prison.

The Iraqi writer and journalist pointed out that the Arab and international media and public opinion do not know that the Turkish regime put Ocalan in a damp, unclean room, listens to one radio consisting of only two stations and does not meet his family except once or twice during the year, in addition to other dirty Turkish methods of torture.

Naji stressed that the initiative will break the Turkish tyranny towards Ocalan and all free people unjustly imprisoned in Turkish prisons, pointing out that the initiative will continue and will not stop.

In conclusion of his speech, Ali Naji emphasized that day after day the support and joining the initiative is increasing by the Arab elites who were far from Ocalan issue due to lack of their information. He said, "But the initiative made them know how Ocalan is wronged, and our initiative will contribute to cease injustice against him in Turkish prisons.”

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Fernaz Atiyya Ahmed, the Professor of political science and Member of the Arab Initiative for Ocalan Freedom explained in a previous statement to our agency that “among the results of the initiative so far, the collection of signatures reached 8,000 signatures in support of the launch of Ocalan's freedom.” She confirmed that the campaign is continuing and expanding, and Ocalan's freedom advocators are increasing daily, explaining that signatures will be sent to the international campaign for supporting Ocalan.



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