Iraqi refugee: We are happy in Rojava despite living in tents

An Iraqi refugee living in al-Hol camp pointed out that they feel safe in Rojava, although she lives in a tent and are ignored by the organizations, yet she prefers to live in the camp instead of returning to Iraq.


Thousands of residents have been displaced to the safe SDF-liberated areas, which host thousands of the Iraqi families who have fled from their homes due to the IS occupation, the camp includs now 37 thousand displaced persons according to the camp's administration, the number is increasing. 

The displaced citizen Istabrak Ahmad, 20 years old, has two children, said," We were exposed to injustice in Iraq by IS mercenaries, our houses were destroyed, so we decided to take refuge in the safe SDF-liberated areas.

She said," we have been welcomed by the camp administration, I did not feel that I am strange."

She has been here for 3 years, she added "The camp’s administration treated us well and is doing everything it can for the welfare of the displaced and the refugees, but we are being ignored by humanitarian organizations that do not give us any help."

At the end of her speech, she said, "I consider Rojava as my main country, because of the safety and co-existence of all the people. We live in tents, but these tents are better than the atrocities we saw before by IS.

Al-Hol camp was inaugurated by the Democratic Autonomous Administration of al-Jazeera canton in 2016, after the launch of al-Mousel liberation campaign, to receive Iraqi refugees fleeing the brutality and terror of IS mercenaries.



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