​​​​​​​Iraqi refugee killed in al-Hol camp

On Saturday morning, the Internal Security Forces ISF has found of Iraqi refugee 's corpse, after exposing several beats on his head.

According to ANHA's correspondent, the victim whose name is Baker Mohsen Farhan, he is in 3rd decade, living in the second sector.

About the murder details, talked the Official in ISF in al-Hol camp, who did not to be named, that the victim has been exposed to several beats on his head, added" when we found of the corpse, we found the hammer near of his head."

And he continued" the operations and events of the killing that had happened recently by using hammer by ISIS women in order to prevent who tries to faraway from ISIS ideology whether from Iraqi refugees or Syrian displaced.

More than 66,000 refugees are staying in al-Hol camp, about 40, 000 of ISIS families living in the camp.



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