​​​​​​​Iraqi refugee, his wife exposed to attempt of killing

An Iraqi refugee with his wife in the most dangerous camp in the world was subjected to an attempt to kill and for unknown motives, and the continuation of the investigations with the group that have been captured which related with the incident.

According to ANHA correspondent from al-Hol district, a group in al-Hol camp attempted to kill an Iraqi refugee named "Yasser Abdul Razaq" in his third decade, with his wife, who live in the first sector in al-Hol camp located 45 km east of the city of al-Hasakah in the north and east of Syria.

ANHA correspondent indicated that the refugee and his wife were stabbed with a sharp tool like a hammer with a pointed head, which was found by the security forces near the tent, where the husband was stabbed in his right shoulder, and his wife was stabbed in the right forearm, after he and his wife resisted the aggressors, who tried to kill them.

The two patients were taken to the Kurdish Red Crescent clinic in the camp for receiving medical treatment.

According to security officials in the camp, the security forces have been able to arrest a number of those suspected of involvement in the attack, and the process of investigating the incident continues, without yet reaching the reasons and motives of the attacking group.



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