Iraqi forces carries out operation against ISIS mercenaries

Iraqi forces have carried out a military operation in Diyala province to hunt down ISIS operatives, the Security Media Cell in Iraq has revealed.

The 5th Infantry Division of Diyala Operations Command carried out a military operation south of Buhriz, with direct support from army and artillery aviation, engineering command, squad officers, communications and a Diyala police force.

The military operation was carried out to hunt down remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, destroy their capabilities and enhance security and stability in southern Buhriz, the security media said in a statement.

The villages of Khalil al-Hasnaoui, Bijat, Tal Asmar, Um al-Katun and several other villages were also searched, resulting in the destruction of ISIS elements.

Iraqi forces found explosive devices in the form of Glycan, three mortar sands and three projectiles, which were destroyed by the Engineering Effort Detachment.

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