​​​​​​​Iraqi army is once again attempting to surround Makhmour camp

The Iraqi army recently resumed its attempts to surround the Makhmour camp, amidst the refusal and resistance of the people.

Since May 20, the Iraqi army with armored vehicles has been trying to surround and fence the refugee camp of Martyr Rustam Judy (Makhmour). Meanwhile, the people of Makhmour continue to resist the Iraqi army's attempts to tighten the siege and fence the camp for 9 days.

In the early hours of this morning, the Iraqi army tried to erect a fence around the camp of the martyr Rustam Judy (Makhmour) and to put up military towers. However, with the resistance of the people of Makhmur, the attempts of the Iraqi soldiers were stopped.

At this moment, the Iraqi army moves again to fence and surround the camp, while the people of Makhmour show great resistance in the face of this military force that is trying to erect a fence and erect towers around Makhmour camp.

T/ Satt.


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