​​​​​​​Iraqi army commander killed during ISIS attack

A brigade commander and an officer were killed and two Iraqi army wounded, after midnight on Tuesday, during an ISIS terrorist attack in the Heet district of Anbar Province.

The Security Media Cell indicated that the two dead were the commander of the 29th Brigade of the 7th Infantry Division, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Lami, and another officer with the rank of First Lieutenant, Muhammad al-Karawi.

The security media statement stated that "Brigadier General Ahmed al-Lami, the commander of the 29th Infantry Division, 7th Brigade, was killed while he was pursuing a terrorist group, and an officer with the rank of First Lieutenant Muhammad al-Karawi was killed during the terrorist action in the al-Aqba area of the Heet district, and resulted in the wounding of two fighters."

Earlier, the Director General of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism at the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, Abu Ali al-Basri, confirmed that the Iraqi authorities had thwarted a "dangerous" scheme that ISIS was planning to implement in al-Basra and other provinces.



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