Iraq waves with new weapon against Turkey

On Friday, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced the possibility of resorting to the use of economic and commercial weapons to compel Turkey to stop its military attacks in the Kurdistan region.

The Iraqi authorities have begun to think of resorting to using economic weapons to force Turkey to stop its attacks.

In this regard, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf referred to the presence of hundreds of Turkish commercial and economic companies operating in Iraq, according to Sky News.

He said: "The Iraqi Foreign Ministry continues to see the political solution, and the need for sustainable coordination as a basis to reduce this tension and end unilateral military operations."

"But there are a number of indicators and interests that Iraq places in its priority package for quick review ... There are dozens of Turkish companies residing in Baghdad, as well as a trade balance in favor of Iraq."

Al-Sahaf stressed that Iraq can "call an emergency session of the UN Security Council or an emergency meeting at the level of foreign ministers at the Arab League in addition to taking a package of measures of an economic nature."

He continued, "But we are pushing for more reliance on the rules of good neighborliness and compliance with international laws that stress the need to respect national sovereignty ... Iraqi lands should not be used to harm any of the neighboring countries."

He concluded by saying, "We must continue coordination and dialogue between the two parties, because these operations will raise the level of tension and will not produce any results."

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