Iraq owes to PKK

The PKK has sacrificed the blood of its fighters. It is still sacrificing in the Kurdistan region within the geography of Iraq.

Under the eyes of the world, the Kurdistan workers showed their belief in transcending the concept of the national and sectarian state, and intent on protecting the gains of the peoples of the region, especially the Iraqi people.

After 2003, the regime in Iraq changed, it was called the "new Iraq", and by virtue of the interconnected interests of the Kurdish people in it, with the interests of the Iraqi peoples, the Kurdistan sympathy with it, and defended it politically and militarily.

In mid-2003, when the Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT) opened a den in Suleimaniyah to assassinate the governor of Kirkuk, the PKK uncovered the plot, and informed the Kurdistan Patriotic Union, that in turn informed the Americans, which led to the American army raiding on them, and their faces were seized and detained. Meanwhile, causing a great political  heat in Turkey.

Between 2005 and 2010, when the Turkmen Terrorist Front attempted to sow discord and conflict between the sects of Kirkuk, the Kurdistan workers  countered those miserable attempts through Democratic Solution Party, and the Americans are aware of the fact that the Kurdistan Workers has role in the face of the fascist turkey. I was then in the office of the Democratic Solution Party when a US official visited it, they were visiting the party offices periodically. He confirmed then   the construction role of the Solution Party in Kirkuk.

During 2004 when ISIS occupied Mosul and then Sinjar (Şengal), which is part of southern Kurdistan and Iraq, the PKK defended it, and tens of thousands of its people were protected, including thousands of Arabs.

The Kurdistan Workers, along with the fighters of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, defended the cities of Kirkuk, Mexmûr and Erbil, which are part of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

In defense of the territories of the Kurdistan Region which is part of Iraq, hundreds of Kurdistan fighters have been martyred or injured. It is noteworthy that the party bore the same burden of providing supplies of weapons, equipment and logistical matters, without asking anything from Iraq.

And now also at the present time they are the only ones defending Iraq, and repelling the Turkish occupation in the areas of medya protection that are an important part of the Kurdistan Region within the geography of Iraq, and guerillas alone and with the support of the people defending the region, and two examples are an example, which is a living example.

The presence of the PKK in Qandil cut the road in front of Erdogan, successor of terrorism, to plunge the region with ISIS and Al-Nusreh terrorists and cause grave dangers to Iraq. The presence of the Kurds in Qandil is to protect Iraq in your region. This applies to the Republic of the gallows and terrorism in Iran.

 The thousand armed Democratic Kurdistan fighters who, according to the Iraqi constitution, are called the regional guards, they not defend southern Kurdistan within the geography of Iraq, but they are evidence of the occupation towards the region that is part of Iraq.

The so-called Peshmerga minister of the KDP government says: Turkey's attack are not our business! So what is your job ?!

In the end, I would like to say that Kurdistan is like it or not, an important regional power, and in light of the regional equations for weight, and for all, especially the State of Iraq and its people, to be aware of and reckon with and appreciate that, and consider themselves indebted to.

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