Iraq announces a new strategy to pursue ISIS mercenaries' cells

The Joint Operations Command revealed a new strategy to pursue terrorist cells, noting that ISIS mercenaries are trying to take advantage of the high temperatures and health conditions for the country to carry out terrorist attacks.

"ISIS terrorist gangs, through their mobile cells and some incubators, are trying to take advantage of the high temperatures and the health condition of the country represented by the Corona pandemic to carry out terrorist operations, especially in the desert areas," the military spokesman for the Joint Command told the Iraqi news agency.

He added: "ISIS believes that its terrorist operations will establish a presence for it and affect the security situation in the country."

He pointed out that "there is a new strategy based on intelligence foundations through activating the security intelligence effort to pursue the terrorist cells."

The Joint Operations Command explained that "all intelligence agencies of the security services are intensifying efforts to pursue the remnants of ISIS."

It stressed that "the international coalition in turn provides the security forces with intelligence information as well as aerial reconnaissance, sometimes carries out strikes at the request of the Joint Operations Command to contribute to the fight against ISIS remnants, and to provide military units with thermal cameras to monitor and follow up on terrorist elements."


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