Iraq .. arrest of 2 ISIS mercenaries in Anbar

On Saturday, the Iraqi Intelligence Agency announced the arrest of 2 ISIS mercenaries who were working in the so-called "al-Ramadi province" in Anbar governorate.

The Agency's statement said: "The detachments of the Intelligence Agency represented by the Anbar Intelligence Directorate at the Interior Ministry arrested two terrorists wanted in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 for their affiliation with ISIS terrorist gangs," according to Alsumaria News.

It added: "The terrorists were working as commanders in the so-called al-Ramadi province of Anbar state under the nicknames of Abo Izz al-Din and Abo Mahmoud, and they were involved in several terrorist operations against security forces and citizens during the terrorist ISIS control of the governorate at the time."

He explained: "Through the preliminary investigations with them, they admitted that they intended to carry out terrorist operations inside the governorate after they had fled to one of the neighboring countries during the liberation operations, for their statements to be recorded and referred to the judiciary to complete their investigative papers to obtain their just penalty."

The Iraqi Security Media Cell reported on Thursday that four hideouts of ISIS mercenaries were destroyed and a mercenary was killed with an air strike carried out by the International Coalition in the Hemrin Mountains.


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