Iran's representation: Iran has no plans to attack anyone

Iran representation in the UN said that Washington's accusations against Iran of targeting the Americans in Iraq are allegations based on false intelligence reports and described the US State Department's demand that its employees leave Iraq as the latest chapters of US psychological war against Iran.

"Iran is defending itself and has no strategy to attack any country, and our people will not give in to the new psychological war," Iran's UN representation said in a statement.

It described the request of the US State Department to its non-essential staff to leave Iraq, as the last chapters of the American psychological war against Iran.

This week, the State Department asked its non-essential staff at its embassy in Baghdad and its consulate in Erbil to leave Iraq.

The US military said on Tuesday it was "putting US forces in Iraq on alert because of possible threats from Iranian-backed forces in the region," saying it was "monitoring threats that might be imminent for US forces in Iraq"

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