Iranian navy soldiers killed, injured by friendly fire

Iranian journalists and an opposition website said on Sunday that about 18 sailors from the Iranian army were killed by friendly fire, in an "accident" when Iranian military warship was fired at in the Gulf region.

Al-Hurra Network said that 18 Iranian army sailors were killed by friendly fire in the "accident" of a missile attack against an Iranian warship in the Gulf region.

In its turn, Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian navy announced the death of one person and the injury of others during an accident in training the navy, noting that the accident occurred on the ship "Kanark"

It is believed that the Iranian ship that launched the missile is a frigate called "Jamaran", which entered service about ten years ago. It launched a missile towards a smaller ship called "Kanark", according to Iran International page in a tweet on Twitter.

In this context, journalist Waheed Haji Pour, quoting his sources, said that "at least 18 people were confirmed dead as a result of the accident."

Meanwhile, Iranian bloggers said that the operation is part of a training to launch a new naval missile called "Noor."

Others released a video of what they said was the process of transporting the injured to the hospital.



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