Iranian navy forces Algerian oil tanker to change course

Iranian naval guards forced an Algerian oil tanker to change its course towards Iranian territorial waters as it tried to cross the Strait of Hormuz.

A Sonatrach oil tanker was forced to change its route to Iranian territorial waters by the coast guards of the Iranian navy as it crossed the Strait of Hormuz, it said on Saturday.

"On Friday, July 19, 2019, at 7:30 pm (30:19) Algeria time, the Iranian navy's coastguard forces, the 2 million-barrel "Masdar" oil tanker belonging to Sonatrach, which were passing through the Strait of Hormuz, have been forced to sail to the territorial waters of the Iranian coasts.

"The ship was heading to Tanura (Ras Tanura refinery in Saudi Arabia) to ship crude oil to the Chinese company UNIPEC," she said.

Subsequently, it was immediately established a committee between the ministries of energy and foreign affairs, in order to solve this issue.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard on Friday posted video footage showing speedboats parked next to a British-flagged tanker and members of the Revolutionary Guards who were taking off from a helicopter.

The aircraft flew over the tanker, and then a landing took place of armed elements amid a blockade of naval boats of the vessel "Stina Empiro", which was detained in the port of Bandar Abbas in south Iran.

Britain considered in a letter to the Security Council that the Iranian action against the tanker was an illegal interference.



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