Iranian health: Corona may be spread in all Iranian cities

An official at the Iranian Ministry of Health said today, Friday, that the new Corona virus may be present in all cities of the Islamic Republic, according to Reuters news agency.

This comes after the Iranian Assistant Minister of Health, Ali Reza Wahhab, announced today, that the number of Corona virus infections throughout Iran has risen to 18, and the death of four of them.

Ali Reza Wahhab tweeted, via Twitter, that "so far, 18 cases of Corona virus have been counted across Iran, 4 in the capital, Tehran, 12 in Qom, and 2 in Rasht, 4 of whom have perished."

The agency quoted "Fares", today, Friday, the Iranian Minister of Health that there are 24 suspected cases, who are now in hospital, and the results will be clear, and will be announced after taking the necessary laboratory tests.

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