Iran warns against igniting interests of Washington, its allies

On Saturday, Iran has warned, to ignite the interests of Washington and its allies if they fired one shot at them, saying the UAE was not independent and part of the United States.

"Any military error committed by America and its allies in the region would be tantamount to firing at the barrel of gunpowder that will burn America, its interests and its allies in the region," said commander of the Iranian armed forces General Abu Fadl Shakarji.

The Iranian general that "Iran will not be the beginning of any war, but any small mistake committed by the enemy will face a strong response," adding that "regional and international conditions in favor of Iran in full."

"Iran is seeking security and stability in the region, unlike America, which threatens regional security," he said.

"Iran is proud to have dropped the highly sophisticated US spy plane with an Iranian-made missile system," said Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh.

The commander of the Iranian Air Force, in statements to the al-Massiyra of Yemen, He said that "Tehran does not need industry similar to drone of the American aircraft, we have the ability to design and manufacture of advanced aircraft self-efforts

"The UAE is not independent and part of the United States," Amir Zadeh said of the launch of the American drone plane, which was dropped by Iran from the UAE.



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