Iran: Turkish security cannot be achieved by targeting Syrian sovereignty

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said security in Turkey cannot be achieved by targeting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.

In the first response from Iran to Turkish threats of attacks on northern and eastern Syria, the Iranian foreign minister said they had told the Turkish side that "the only way to maintain Turkey's security is to deploy military forces on border areas with Syria," stressing that security in Turkey is not achieved  by targeting the unity and sovereignty of Syrian territory.

Zarif stressed during his participation in a session of the Iranian parliament, on Sunday, that Iran is ready to cooperate with the Syrian and Turkish regimes to resolve the outstanding problems between them under international laws, according to IRNA news agency reported.

The Turkish president threatens to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria, in order to occupy it and change the demography of the region through the settlement of two million refugees after the displacement of indigenous people.

The Syrian regime has not responded to the Turkish threats to Syria's sovereignty yet

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