Iran to increase uranium production

Iran announced on Monday it had multiplied its uranium production, an Iranian official told Tasnim.

In a new challenge to the international community, the spokesman of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Bahruz Kamalundi announced on Monday that Iran has increased its production of enriched uranium by 3.67 percent, four times.

According to the nuclear deal that brought Iran and the international powers together in 2015, Tehran could produce uranium of up to 300 kg.

Iran told France, Germany, Russia and Britain earlier this month that it would suspend some of its obligations under the deal, a year after the United States withdrew from it and resumed sanctions against Tehran.

According to estimates by the White House, Iran had before July 2015 a large stockpile of enriched uranium, and about 20 thousand centrifuges, which is enough to produce between 8 to 10 nuclear bombs.

At the time, US experts estimated that if Iran decided to produce a nuclear weapon it would have only two or three months to get enough enriched uranium (up to 90 percent)

Source: Agencies



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