Iran sees new US sanctions as making talk of resumption of talks

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi condemned the new US ban on Iran's petrochemical companies, describing that as a proof of economic terrorism.

 "This new American action is a continuation of the aggressive steps taken by the White House against the Iranian people," Mousavi said in a statement on the subject, quoted by Iranian Fares Agency.

He added, "It will only take a week of patience to prove the falsity of the US president's call to negotiate with Iran."

He stressed that the policy of exerting extreme pressure was "a failed policy" tested by the former presidents of this country, and that was a wrong approach, and the US government should have realized that it would never achieve its goals of this policy at all.

He described the calls by some US officials to engage into negotiations with Iran as "deceptive" and unrealistic, and aimed to attract the attention of the public opinion only.

He considered that this action taken by America was contrary to the principles and rules of international relations and law, as well as the international obligations of this system and its responsibility was held at the international level.

He stressed that all countries had a responsibility to take a stand against this flagrant violation of the principles of international law and should have not allowed the international community's achievements in multilateralism to be undermined by the arrogant and unilateral actions taken by the US government.

It is worth mentioning that the US Treasury Department's Foreign Assets Control Office announced on Friday a new ban on Iran's petrochemicals sector.



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