Iran says its armed forces are not regional threat, call for unity against America

Reuters agency quoted from Iranian President Hassan Rowhani during a military parade to unveil Iran's latest military equipment saying, "The Iranian armed forces do not pose a threat to any regional state."

At a ceremony held in Tehran and broadcasted live on state television, the soldiers passed a platform where President Hassan Rowhani and senior military commanders stood, and locally designed jets participated in the parade.

Iran has uncovered missiles, submarines, armored vehicles, radars and electronic warfare systems.

Rohani said, "I would like to tell the regional countries that the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are not against you and your national interests, they are standing against the invaders," Rohani said. "The roots of our problems are the Zionist regime and American imperialism."

The agency noted that Iran has two armies, one of them is regular functioning as a national defense force, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which was established after the 1979 revolution to protect the Islamic Republic from internal and external adversaries.

On Monday, the United States formally named the Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terrorist organization, an unprecedented move condemned by Iran and raised fears of reprisal attacks on US troops.

The Iranian army has the largest ground force in Iran and the Revolutionary Guard controls an increasing arsenal of ballistic missiles.

Separately, Iran and Oman conducted joint naval exercises and carried out sea rescue operations in the Gulf, Fars news agency reported on Thursday.



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