Iran: Saudi Arabia provokes differences and serves Israel's interests

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has accused Saudi Arabia of "stirring up differences" in the Middle East to serve Israel's interests, and confirmed that what Saudi Arabia is bringing is a continuation of a futile march by America against Iran.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Minister Abbas Moussaoui said that Saudi Arabia "continue to follow the wrong approach in the path of stirring up differences between Islamic countries and in the region.

"We consider Saudi attempts to mobilize the votes of neighboring and Arab countries as a continuation of a futile march by America and the Zionist entity against the Islamic Republic of Iran." he added.

"Saudi Arabia took advantage of the holy month of Ramadan and Mecca as a holy place for political purposes and as a tool to bring charges against some of the participants in the meeting against the Islamic Republic of Iran," Moussaoui said.

Saudi Arabia's King Salman called on Gulf states to work together to confront Iran's "criminal" actions in the region after oil tankers were attacked by rare attackers off the coast of the UAE. Houthi forces close to Iran intensified attacks on Saudi Arabia, Oil pipes near Riyadh by drones.

The Saudi remarks came at the start of a Gulf summit followed by an emergency Arab summit in Mecca, in which Gulf and Arab states, with the exception of Iraq, agreed to support Saudi Arabia.



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