Iran mobilizes its forces on border Kurdistan region…Is there any agreement with Turkey?

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are massing their forces near the border of the southern Kurdistan region at a time when the area has been under attack since May, Kurdish sources said, raising the possibility of an agreement between Turkey and Iran to target the region.

The Sumerian News site quoted Kurdish sources, that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards began to mobilize its forces near the border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq, which is likely to prepare for launching attacks inside Kurdish villages in the region.

The sources said that "forces of the Iranian Guard began to gather significantly during the past few days, near the territories of the Kurdistan region."

And explained that "the new Iranian mobilizing indicates the possibility of Iranian plans to carry out military operations within border villages in the province."

"The IRGC forces have taken all measures, including anticipating artillery shelling on the headquarters or positions of Iranian parties in the towns of Sedkan, Dazah castle and other areas bordering Iran."

The Iranian crowd comes along the border with the south Kurdistan region, coinciding with the continuation of Turkish attacks inside the territory since May of this year.

Turkey and Iran had already agreed during the independence referendum in south Kurdistan in September 2017, and both sides opposed the referendum, although international law guaranteed the right of peoples to self-determination.

Turkey bombs Kurdish villages in the region, causing the loss of dozens of civilians to their lives, and silence from the presidency and government of the region led by Nechirvan and Massror Barzani of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the party also controls the presidency of the parliament.

Last month, the US Intelligence Center Stratfor said that Turkey enjoys a good position with the KDP as an economic partner that the party needs in the face of other Kurdish parties. He stressed the existence of an understanding between Ankara and the Kurdistan Democratic Party to target the PKK, and said that the Democrat will continue to give Turkey a deadline for its attacks on south Kurdistan.

In mid-July, Iran launched drones and rocket attacks on Iranian opposition positions near the border with the south Kurdistan region. The KRG said the shelling caused to one women killed and wounded two others.




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