Iran launches 3rd exercises in two weeks

The commander of the Iranian army's ground forces, Komris Heydari, announced on Tuesday that maneuvers were conducted with the presence of Airborne Forces, Special Forces and Rapid Response Units on the shores of the Sea of ​​Oman, southeast Iran.

"Fars" agency affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards quoted Haydari as saying that "Iqatidar 99" maneuvers will be conducted with the participation of the 55th Airborne Brigade, the 65th Special Forces Brigade, and the 223rd Rapid Intervention Brigade, with the support of the Transport and Combat Forces of the Air Force and the Army Aviation on the coast of Makran.

Haidari explained that air mobile operations, penetration into the surface and under the surface, and moving towards the enemy's sea targets, are among the other goals of these maneuvers.

These are the third maneuvers within two weeks in the midst of tension between Tehran and Washington, as they will begin on the eve of the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden.

On Saturday, the Revolutionary Guards completed a two-day maneuver, during which it launched anti-ship ballistic missiles.

The "Great Messenger" maneuvers, which began on Friday, in the deserts of central Iran, also witnessed the launch of large numbers of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles in conjunction with the launch of attack drones carrying bombs.



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