Iran denied presence of military forces in Syria, threatens to fire missiles at Netanyahu

Iran denied on Monday the presence of military forces or camps in Syria and confirmed that its presence there is advisory, and threatened the Israeli Prime Minister "with rockets falling on his head."


Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasimi said Iran's presence in Syria is consultative and does not has military camps and forces there.

"We do not have military units and camps in Syria, but our presence is highly consultative," Qassimi said during his weekly press conference.

"We will continue this presence as long as Syria asks us to do so," the foreign ministry spokesman said.

In turn, Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Mohammad Ali Jafari threatened the Israeli prime minister with "rockets falling on his head."

Jafari said Iran would not withdraw its troops from Syria, in response to threats by Benjamin Netanyahu to Iran, to target its forces in Syria, according to "Reuters."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will keep its military advisers, revolutionary forces and weapons in Syria," Jafari said.




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