Iran announces explosion targeted Revolutionary Guards

​​​​​​​Iran announced today, that a "terrorist" bombing targeted the Revolutionary Guards forces in the southeast of the country, which led to the injury of the commander of the guards in the region.

The Iranian Fars news agency quoted the deputy in the Islamic Shura Council, Fida Hussain Maliki, as announcing a terrorist bombing that targeted two cars of the Revolutionary Guards in Sistan and Baluchestan province, southeastern Iran.

According to Maliki, the bombing resulted in only wounded the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in the area, denying the rumor of the capture of a number of the Revolutionary Guards in the process.

He added that the attack was carried out by the "army of injustice" (the so-called Army of Justice) clique, when two cars belonging to the Revolutionary Guard were crossing in the area.

"The clique had planted two explosive devices on the road, one of which exploded when two cars crossed the Revolutionary Guards. The explosion did not cause any casualties, but the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in the area was wounded," MP Maliki said.



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