Iran ... Hundreds of students chant against the ruling regime

Hundreds of Iranian students chanted slogans against the ruling regime, on Sunday, as part of major protests in the country, after the Revolutionary Guards admitted to accidentally shooting down a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Hundreds of male and female students gathered at the "Beheshti" University in Tehran, chanting slogans condemning the downing of the Ukrainian plane, and chanting: "Our enemy here, not America ... We do not want spectators who joined us," according to videos published by the International Iran Agency.

Protests also erupted at Damghan University, northern Iran, and the University of Isfahan, in the center of the country, and chants focused on the Iranian Supreme Leader: "The Revolutionary Guards kills, and the supreme leader is supporting it."

Iranian protesters and Iranian newspapers intensified pressure on the country's leaders, and riot police strengthened their presence in Tehran on Sunday, after the army accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane.

Riot police fired tear gas into the thousands of Iranians, who took to the streets late Saturday night, in the capital and other cities, where many of them chanted the slogan "Death to the dictator", directing their anger at Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

State-linked news agencies published reports of the protests, while videos of the demonstrations were circulated on social media.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned the demonstrators against using violence, if the demonstrations continued.

The 176 people on board were killed, among them a large number of Iranians with dual citizenship.

The protests emerged in the wake of the recognition yesterday, Saturday, that the army accidentally shot down the plane of the Ukrainian International Airlines minutes after take-off on Wednesday, during a state of alert to Iranian forces in anticipation of a US response to Tehran's retaliatory strikes.


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