IOF targets 3 Hamas positions after launching missile from Gaza

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli army targeted a number of Hamas military sites in the Gaza Strip, in response to the firing of a missile shell from the strip towards the Israeli settlements near Gaza.

ANHA correspondent in Gaza said that the Israeli army's artillery targeted three Hamas observation posts in the Gaza Strip, at dawn today.

Added: "The targeted sites were in the town of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, and in the village of Juhr al-Deik, in the middle of the strip," noting that the Palestinian Ministry of Health had not announced any injuries due to the shelling.

While the Israeli army said in a statement: "The artillery shelling came in response to the firing of a missile shell towards the settlements of al-Galaf."

Late last night, the Israeli army announced that a missile had been fired from the Gaza Strip, and it had exploded in an open area in the vicinity of one of the towns of the Eshkol regional council, near the Strip, without any injuries.

This comes in light of the calm situation in which the two parties, the Palestinian factions and the Israeli army, live in the wake of the Corona crisis, and coinciding with the Israeli reports that a Hamas delegation will travel this weekend to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to meet with the Egyptian General Intelligence and discuss a deal prisoner exchange being discussed with the Israeli government.

Earlier, the Israeli media stated, "The Prime Minister of Benjamin Netanyahu held a recent meeting with the Ministerial Committee on Prisoners and Missing persons, in the absence of any official Israeli comment on the recent developments that resulted from contacts in this regard."

However, Hamas, in a statement issued on Tuesday, denied that progress had been made in the "prisoner exchange" understandings with Israel, contrary to Israeli reports.



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