Invitations to EU states to retrieve IS citizens 

The Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East of Syria has renewed its appeal to EU states in order to undertake their duties toward IS foreign mercenaries, who were being captured by SDF   


The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF and Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA in North and East of Syria have repeatedly called on EU states to retrieve their citizens who have joined IS' mercenaries, who were being captured by SDF, and US has also urged Britain, France, Germany and the rest of the EU states to retrieve and prosecute IS prisoners SDF, which were rejected by those states.

 In this regard, Deputy-Presidency of Foreign Relations' Office  for DAA of North and East Syria, Fanar al-Ka ait said "As has been known since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, IS mercenaries had flocked to the Syrian territory from the Turkish border, and their number had increased in order to prolong Syrian crisis, SDF fighters were able to capture thousands of IS gangs, when they launched brutal attacks against north and east of Syria.

IS prisoners estimated number about 1000 women 1500 children from IS mercenaries are existed in north and east of Syria. and this number is increasing. They are from 46 countries.

He clarified that SDF of north and east of Syria has been still demanding for months to countries whose citizens have joined IS mercenaries, who have been arrested by SDF to carry out their humanitarian and moral duty towards their citizens. "Unfortunately, however, most of these countries have not responded to the administration's call, some limited countries such as Russia, Sudan and Kazakhstan have responded and retrieved some of their citizens. "

Huge numbers of IS surrendered to SDF

Unfortunately, until now the procedures are very simple and slow. We hope that these countries will accelerate the conclusion of this complex issue because it poses a danger not only to the regions of north-east Syria, but also to neighboring countries and international countries, because these IS mercenaries are experienced and capable of terrorism, possess sufficient capabilities, some of them infiltrated into Europe with waves of asylum, and Europe was exposed to their terrorism.

IS mercenaries now are capturing in the prisons, but their families from children and women, who are existing in the camps, where DAA provides humanitarian services, as much as possible, he said: "We constantly put pressure on these countries diplomatically through organizations and other means, to do its duty because we have no other choice, and the number is increasing now, mostly women and children and added " they are surrendering themselves to SDF in huge numbers ,because they are fully aware that DAA deals with them according to humanitarian laws and provides them with what they need.



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