Investigations must re-open in Armenian genocide, imposing sanctions on Turkey

The Justice and Development Organization for Middle Eastern and North African Studies called on the United Nations and all countries of the world to recognize the Armenian genocide by Turkey and to consider 24 April as commemoration of the Armenian genocide.


On 24 April, 1915, the Ottoman Empire executed a group of Armenian thinkers in Istanbul. The official spokesman of the organization, Zidane al-Qanai, based in Cairo, said that Turkey's crimes against Armenians were war crimes and did not fall over time. The United Nations must reopen the Armenian genocide file and impose sanctions on Turkey. And compensation for the families of victims of the Armenian genocide

Turkey refuses to consider the massacres of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as crimes of genocide. Turkey's crimes resulted in the extermination of more than one and 500,000 Armenians.



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