​​​​​​​International silence opens way for Turkey's crimes against civilians

The head of the Future Syria Party, Afrin-al-Shahba branch, said that the crimes, violations of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in the occupied areas in NE Syria exceeded all human values and international laws, in the face of suspicious international silence by humanitarian organizations.

During an interview conducted by "Hawar" news agency with the head of the Future Syria Party, Afrin-Shahba branch, Muhammad Rashid, about the Turkish policy pursued in the occupied areas in northern Syria. Rashid said: "The Turkish state is striving to restore the ambitions of the defunct Ottoman Empire and adopts new methods to attract a large group of Syrian mercenaries and place them at the service of its plan."

Rashid emphasized, "The Turkish state is also pursuing a policy of Turkification in the occupied territories, especially in Afrin and Girê Spi / Tal Abyad and Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain to erase the features of the region."

He added: “The Turkish occupation state seeks to gain a Turkish character in the region and change its demography, by granting Turkish identity cards to civilians, raising the Turkish flag over all institutions and schools, imposing its own curricula, imposing the loyal groups of mercenaries that are directly supported by (MIT) intelligence services."

He pointed out that the Turkish state seeks to make the Turkish nationalism prevails over all the peoples of the region, so we see that systematic policy is considered an old method."

He stressed: "The Turkish policies of the Justice and Development Party will fail. It exhausted the Turkish street before the neighboring peoples."

He explained that the Turkish occupation state will be a cause for the perpetuation of the Syrian crisis and even the crisis in the region, and that the Turkish state will not have a role in developing an appropriate solution for the international community in general and the regional community in particular.

Turkey's colonial intentions got clear following its intervention in northern Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

He confirmed that the Turkish state used many cards in synthesizing the idea of its occupation of the Syrian regions under the pretext of fighting ISIS mercenaries, but what is seen on the ground proves the exact opposite, as it is under the pretext of fighting terrorism that it was the first to put a wedge between the components in the region and make them turn into enemies among them. All of this is to serve the agendas of the Turkish state in the name of combating terrorism and occupying regions under the pretext of fighting terrorism, and that the United Nations reports prove that the Turkish state was a safe passage for terrorism to enter the Syrian territories.

He added, "The Turkish state is accelerating the exploitation of citizens of Turkmen origin and is opening false records for them, in the context of converting the region and annexing it to Turkey, as it seeks to dissuade the national resistance fighters who maintain the unity of the Syrian lands and to join them to the unjust old milli pact for the regions of northern and eastern Syria and even Iraq as well in order to expand the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the peoples."

He also indicated: “The Turkish state was able to recruit the mercenary factions for its interests to fight in Libya and Azerbaijan, to destabilize the security of neighboring countries and impose their hegemony on them."

Violations in the occupied territories in the face of suspicious international silence

Regarding the violations in light of international silence, Rashid said: "The international community has transformed into a society that preserves interests and does not preserve human rights, keeping silent about the inhuman abuses of the Turkish state against all components of the Syrian people."

 Adding: “The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have transgressed human rights values in the city of Afrin, Girê Spi and Serêkaniyê, in addition to the Idlib governorate, which is governed by a group of gangs. With this arrogance and mentality, Turkey has stolen and plundered the region’s wealth and resources. It benefits from this international silence and the failure of the United Nations to stand firmly in front of these Turkish hostile and colonial practices.



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