​​​​​​​International organization official: Turkey exploits current situation to exterminate Kurds  

The head of the International Body for Documenting Genocide against the Kurdish People, explained that the Turkish occupation exploits the weakness of the ruling regimes of Kurdistan to commit its massacres and violations, noting that it requires military force, a unified policy and economic to confront the Turkish occupation, calling for providing them with documents that highlight violations to submit to international parties.

The Turkish state seeks to occupy large parts of Kurdistan through the violations and occupations it is carrying out on the territory of Kurdistan, since a period, it launched attacks on the legitimate defense areas, Medya in addition to its continuous attacks on the northeast regions of Syria.

The occupation continues its efforts to achieve its colonial ambitions in occupying parts of Kurdistan. To this end, it commits various crimes, as it recently has bombed the populated areas in southern Kurdistan, as well as its ongoing crimes in the regions of northeast of Syria.

On the goals of the Turkish state and the Intel silence, ANHA news agency contacted  with the head of the International Body to Document Genocide against the Kurdish People, Muhammad Shiraz Talabani.

Turkey takes advantage of weak regimes to wipe out the Kurds

Since its inception, the Turkish state has been seeking to exterminate all races by following the principles of the Ottoman Sultanate, which has ruled the region for 400 years, and pursues a policy of "one language and nationalism".

The Turkish occupation has intensified its attacks recently in all parts of Kurdistan in an effort to exterminate the Kurdish people, and thwart the democratic projects that it is trying to implement. Where it used the internationally prohibited phosphorous bombs to eliminate the Kurdish people, amid the silence of the international community.

The head of the International Body for Documenting Genocide against the Kurdish People, Muhammad Shiraz Talabani, says, “Turkey exploits the weakness of the Iraqi and Syrian regimes and the proxy and pro-government parties, and terrorist groups that sponsor, train, and finance them to use them to implement its dirty plans in occupying Kurdistan and annex them to Turkey since 2023. "

After 100 years on the Sievir Treaty, the Turkish occupation seeks to return to the map of the Ottoman Milli Charter that included Kurdistan. Talabani notes that “Turkey will not be able to implement its plans because the struggle, valor, courage and resistance of the SDF and PKK fighters, the Peshmerga and the people of Kurdistan will stand up to the Turkish aggression and its ambitions. "

Regional silence

Despite all the Turkish attacks on Başûr (south of Kurdistan), the KRG keeps silent on the Turkish aggression against all parts of Kurdistan, not just a specific party or movement, and facilitates the entry of Turkish special forces from the “Ibrahim Khalil” border crossing.

Talabani attributed the silence of the KRG on the Turkish violations and massacres against civilians under the pretext of fighting the PKK, to the fighting for power, governance and the economy in Başûr.

Talabani pointed out that the Turkish occupation takes advantage of the weak position of the Başûr government to commit genocide against civilians, and said, "Even KRG did not count them as martyrs, nor did they compensate their families financially and morally."

"It requires a unified military, political and economic force to counter the Turkish occupation"

The Kurdish people demands the political forces to unite and abandon ideological and intellectual differences, and focus on the national unity of the Kurdish people in all its spectra and sects, and stand together in front of the Turkish occupation and Erdogan's plans.

Every kurds agree to expose the crimes, attacks and genocide that the Kurdish people are exposed to at the hands of the Turkish army, and demand the holding of the first international conference for the Kurdish nation and in the presence of politicians and representatives of parties, fighters, intellectuals, intellectuals, Kurdish militants from all parts of Kurdistan.

Talabani believes that, to stand up to the Turkish occupation, "this Kurdish national unity must be military, political and economic, raising the morale of the Kurdish people in order to confront the occupied Turkish army, boycotting Turkish goods and striking Turkish interests wherever they are and  build a reference from representatives of all parts of Kurdistan in one platform for the Kurds, and to intensify diplomatic efforts abroad to support the Kurdish Cause.

Document violations and submit them to international crimes


The International Body for Documenting Genocide Against the Kurdish People documents all violations that the Kurds are exposed to in the four parts of Kurdistan. It provides evidence to the international courts and crimes against the ruling regimes of Kurdistan.





"The Kurdish political forces must support us to document genocide crimes against the Kurdish people to deliver legal complaints against violations and crimes of genocide against the Kurdish people by the Turkish army and Erdogan to the ICC, the European Court of Human Rights and international organizations concerned with human rights," Talabani says.

Talabani called on the world and humanitarian organizations to support and stand with the Kurdish people in their struggle to obtain their legitimate rights. He demanded punishment of criminals, officers and members of armies, heads of state, politicians, terrorist organizations, and criminals who committed massacres using internationally prohibited weapons such as white phosphorous and sarin gas bombs, and destroyed Kurdistan cities and demographic change, victims are compensated morally and materially and recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people to build their entity and its independent state.

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