International Kobanî Film Festival concluded

The preparatory committee of the International Kobanî Film Festival revealed the names of the winning films.


Kobanî International Film Festival concluded with distributing the awards for the first three films, amid the absence of members of the jury, after the authorities of Başûr prevented the crossing of members of the committee to northern Syria.

Kobanî Film Festival, organized by Rojava Film Commune, was launched on the 13th of this month with the participation of a number of film directors on the anniversary of Amouda Cinema Fire.

The festival included 80 of the 400 films that reached the preparatory committee for seven days at the Baqi Kheddo Center for Culture and Art in Kobanî city.

The seventh day of the festival was dedicated to reveal the names of the winning films in the festival. The art of the animation category, "AGONG" film by Laila Toprak won, and on the documentaries the film "Creators of Hope" for the resistance of Afrin directed by Mohi al-Din Arslan won the reward, and for the movie "The Silence of the Other Person" by the director Almodela Karadivo won.

The authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Başûr Kurdistan prevented the passage of members of the jury to the areas of northern Syria. A member of the preparatory committee of the festival and a member of Film Rojava Commune Safinaz Afdaki said that the Government of South Kurdistan prevented members of the jury to cross into northern Syria to participate in the activities of the last day of the festival.

Safinaz confirmed that the committee has been trying to enter the north of Syria and access to Kobanî city, but all attempts failed.

Safinaz Afdaki added that the awards that were distributed today to three directors were distributed in the absence of the jury, which come from a number of countries of the world, such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Turkey.

The films, which were shown at the festival, will be screened in a number of camps in northern Syria, "al-Shahba, Ain Issa" and in Makhmour camp in southern Kurdistan.



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