International Forum on Daesh… onset for future steps

During the International Forum on Daesh, it became clear that Daesh case is an international issue and solutions must be shared. The formation of an international tribunal to try mercenaries will also expose many states' relations with the mercenaries.

The Rojava Center for Strategic Studies organized an international three-day conference on the subject of political, military, economic, cultural and religious terrorism, its impact on women, and other topics in Qamishlo's Amouda district, in which 200 people different countries of the world partook.

The forum is onset for future steps

International Forum on Daesh was held in the areas where it had been defeated, the forum is a unique and new step as intellectuals, academicians and journalists from 15 countries participated in. Doubtlessly, it confirms that Daesh case is the cause of humanity as a whole and solutions must be shared. Local jurists from northern and eastern Syria, as well as international ones, perceived the need for an international court in northern and eastern Syria.

The question that poses itself is: Why do not many countries want to discuss Daesh topic? The delay in the trial of mercenaries gives them more time to rearrange their ranks. Is this delay deliberate? This raises the suspicion that the countries that supported Daesh sought to revive it, and Turkey is one of those countries.

The state of Turkey supported Daesh mercenaries in the northern and eastern Syria, and after the elimination of the Turkish state began to launch threats against these areas. Turkey seeks to destroy any efforts and efforts to eliminate Daesh. The revival of Daesh is a great threat to the world. There is a possibility that it will start bombings in some countries, but Daesh might retaliate against its partners as well, and if it comes up again, solving the problem will be very difficult.

The court will reveal Daesh partners

Establishing an international tribunal to try Daesh mercenary will expose Daesh partners and states that have supported it. In case of revealing its partners, this will lead to a new crisis in the world, which will clearly show who is partner to Daesh and who fights against it. Are the world powers afraid of this and do not want to prosecute mercenaries in an international court? To say that: let mercenaries held at the Autonomous Administration's prisons and we will finance them does not solve the issue. How long will these mercenaries be held there? Although the relationship between countries such as Turkey and Qatar with Daesh mercenaries was crystal clear, these and other countries are afraid of any international court to try Daesh.

Ocalan's ideas are the solution to eliminate Daesh ideas

Participants in the forum discussed the ideas and views of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan as one of the solutions. The participants considered finding a solution to the Syrian crisis and building a democratic Syria that would contribute to drying up the sources of mercenaries and all radical organizations. This is possible by establishing the democratic nation as a model for the solution and achieving peace.

Anna Spekher, one participant at the forum, said in connection with the trial of mercenaries. "A court must be set up for Daesh trial under the auspices of the United Nations.

The court will contribute to the recognition of the region

Spekher said that the establishment of an international tribunal depends on the recognition of the region, and the formation of an international tribunal means recognition of the federalism of Rojava Kurdistan.

"There are a lot of foreign mercenaries in the north and east of Syria, countries must reclaim their citizens and try them in accordance with the laws of those countries, a serious investigation must be opened with these mercenaries," she said. "Syrian Democratic Forces are making great efforts and commit to international laws, so that all states must abide by their responsibilities."

Daesh in current status quo is dangerous

Amy Austin Holmes, an assistant professor at the American University in Cairo, said the forum has come at the right time in the country where Daesh was defeated, adding is very important.

In particular, it should be mentioned that women have an important role in eliminating Daesh. Women in the northern and eastern Syria have made a strenuous effort to eliminate Daesh. An international tribunal must be established in the region and women must have an important role in this court."

Holmes called on the countries of the world to shoulder their responsibilities and to restore their Daesh citizens and to prosecute them in their countries. Asserting, "as Daesh mercenaries remain in current status quo is dangerous."

All the views at the forum agreed on the importance of prosecuting Daesh mercenaries and the establishment of an international tribunal to reduce the present and future dangers Daesh could pose.



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