International community should compensate affected farmers"

The victims of the fires that broke out in the agricultural crops stressed that the area is exposed to a number of dangers, including the danger of fire, which devoured the agricultural lands, indicating that the people of the region presented thousands of martyrs in defense of the whole world. Today, the international society must stand alongside of them for helping them and support AA.

The wheat and barley crops in Al-Jazeera region is considered one of the most important food security resources of the region. Al-Jazeera region 's areas are characterized by the fertile soil suitable for the cultivation of wheat and barley crops, where the areas had witnessed heavy rain in this year, it had great positive impact on agricultural crops.

As the harvest season has come in the north and east of Syria, huge fires broke out in most areas of the north and east. Thousands of hectares of agricultural land were burned back to the people of the region. According to the region's officials and Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, most of the fires were fabricated and Daesh mercenaries those who were defeated within the whole geography of northeastern Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces on March 21, 2019, declaring their responsible for the fires that devouring crops in Syria and Iraq.

According to some information, the sleeper cells of Daesh mercenaries are the ones who set fire to the crops of the people of the region. The farmers of Qamishlo canton see that today they are paying the price of their defeat to Daesh mercenaries in the region. They have shown that the international community must help them and compensate them for the heavy losses inflicted on them, burning their crops, which are their first source of livelihood.

Ilam Halima Khalil Ali, from the village of Kerdîm in the district of Tirbespiyê in Al-Jazeera region, she has miraculously survived from the death, added my crop burned in the last week, and the fire hit the balcony of her house, she pointed out that today they pay the price of the defeat of Daesh mercenaries, and said: "As we, the international community and the special coalition countries we fought bravely against Daesh, it is very necessary to undertake its duty towards those people who have lost their livelihood."

Massoud Dakhil Mohammed, from the village of Kerdîm, in the district of Tirbespiyê, whose crops were burned by the fire that broke out in the crops of the farmers of Tirbespiyê on June 10, which caused the burning of about 100,000 dunums of agricultural crops belonging to the farmers of 29 villages. Including the danger of fire that swept through the agricultural land, "and pointed out that the people of the region presented thousands of martyrs in defense of the whole world, and the world today is forced to support the people and their Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA)



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