International Coalition to extend its mission in Syria

Reports indicate that the International Coalition against Daesh is extending its functions in Syria and expanding them to include all the hot zones in the world to counter the efforts of terrorist organizations to restore their ranks.

On Wednesday, the International press touched upon the International Coalition expansion of its mission against Daesh.

The Pentagon is close to extending the mission of the International Coalition in Syria

"US officials fear the return of Daesh in a stronger form, and closely watch the terrorist organization's attempt to establish new bases in Asia and Africa," the Washington Times reported.

The newspaper quoted from a senior official of the Pentagon saying: "The material caliphate of Daesh has been eliminated, but the Trump's administration talks about keeping the International Coalition to counter the efforts of terrorist groups to reorganize their ranks and stand up against Daesh's attempt to revive again in thed hot spots around the world."

"US military officials are trying to secure peers' commitments from all the 79 members of the Coalition to continue the group's work in places like southeast Asia. And diplomats at the State Department are working with their counterparts in the International Coalition countries to build a more organized coalition," said Catherine Wilbarger, the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs."

"Keeping the Coalition in the situation maintains the stability and strength of the Coalition, especially as the fighting shifts from the conventional war in Iraq and Syria to fighting against Daesh cells around the world. We expect the threat to develop, and the importance of the alliance is our priority," said Wilbarger.



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