International Coalition meets with Qamishlo Council

Qamishlo's Provincial Council and the delegation of the International Coalition discussed recent service developments in Qamishlo canton, how to find a mechanism for cooperation among themselves and how to provide the necessary support, and to reduce potential obstacles in the region.

The northern and eastern areas of Syria in general, and Qamishlo canton and its environs have been particularly affected by recent fires, which have consumed thousands of hectares of agricultural crops belonging to the people of the region. A delegation from the Civil Affairs Department of the International Coalition visited the center of Qamishlo canton in order to get acquainted with the service and economic reality and the issue of fires and floods that the area witnessed during the current year.

The International Coalition delegation included Major US Forces, Civil Affairs Team Leader Carl, Start Emergency Relief and Logistics Assistance Group member Amy Smith, and US Army Information Officers Mac Olf and Nick Salaf.

The visiting delegation was received by the co-chair of the Provincial Council of Qamishlo Afram Isaac and Perwin Yousef, their deputies, Suleiman Khalil and Safia Al-Kaoud, Mazloum Yousuf and Trefa Al-Ahmad, counselors of the co-chairs, and officials in the Municipalities and Economy and Social Affairs and Labor committees.

During the visit, the two sides discussed the most recent happenings in the region; the floods and the recent fires in the region. Perwin Yousef pointed out to the limited possibilities available to them in terms of engineering tools and fire engines.

"Daesh's sleeper cells are behind most of the fires that broke out," he said. "This phenomenon is a new strategy followed by the mercenaries, which is aimed at threatening and fighting the food security of the region, after its military collapse."

Cooperation between the Provincial Council and the International Coalition is essential

The commander of the American forces and member of Start Emergency Relief and Logistics Assistance Group of the US State Department, Major Amy Smith, said that they are aware of what the mercenaries are doing and called for cooperation between the parties through the preparation of reports, studies and accurate statistics on the size of fires and areas that were destroyed, assuring the area is in need of fire engines, with a view to providing them to organizations and the concerned abroad to provide the necessary support to avoid such phenomena in the future and to support the affected sectors.

After the meeting, the visiting delegation toured the committees of Qamishlo Council, and then went to several areas affected by fire, and the delegation promised to pay similar visits in the future to see the reality of service in the region more.



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