Internal Security holds regime responsibility of its martyred member

The internal security forces in northeastern Syria blamed regime forces for the death of one of their members and the injury of another by targeting their car in Qamishlo today.

The Internal Security Forces media center in northeastern Syria issued a written statement after targeting a patrol of the internal security forces in the center of Qamishlo, killing one member of ( Al Asayish) security forces and injuring another.

The text of the statement read :

"Syrian regime members targeted a military vehicle belonging to our forces in Qamishlo during a joint patrol with a vehicle belongs to people municipality in Qamishlo, with a number of janitors, and another car works for the medical field in emergencies under the circumstances of the outbreak of the Corona virus. The military vehicle of our forces was carrying a number of our members of the internal security forces, one of whom was injured and subsequently hospitalized and another member rose to the rank of martyrdom.

We in the internal security forces mourn ourselves, the family of the martyr and all our people, as we condemn the cowardly act of the regime members. We assure our people that such attacks will not discourage our resolve and determination to achieve security and stability in our regions and serve our people. The regime holds the  responsibility for this cowardly criminal act."



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