Internal Security Forces arrest a counterfeit coin dealer in Amuda district

The Internal Security Forces arrested a counterfeit of the currency in Amuda district of Qamishlo canton, and transferred him duly to the Prosecution Committee.

The Internal Security Forces issued a statement to the public opinion, through which they announced that they had arrested a counterfeit of the local currency, which category is one thousand Syrian pounds, in Amuda district, Qamishlo canton in al-Jazeera region.

In its statement, Internal Security indicated that they had arrested the counterfeit dealer this morning, Tuesday.

The Internal Security Forces’ statement included that a number of the people of the city of Amuda filed complaints to our forces during which they explained that they had in their possession the counterfeit currency without knowing the reason for their possession of it and where they obtained it.

The Internal Security Forces noted that, in coordination with the Crime Prevention Section in ad-Darbasiyyah district, they investigated and searched, and were able to arrest the counterfeit.

The Anti-Crime Administration of Amuda confirmed the confiscation of a sum of 1,000 pounds’ category as well as an EPSON printer and money cutter and two mobile phones.

To be transferred to the Prosecution and Investigation Committee, in order to take legal measures against him.


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