Internal Security: All those arrested in context of fires are suspected

The co-chair of the Internal Body in the Autonomous Administration said that all those arrested in light of the fires in the north and east of Syria are suspected calling on all citizens to cooperate with the security forces.

Large areas of winter wheat and barley crops in northern and eastern Syria were exposed to fire by the Economic and Agricultural Body with a total of 20,000 hectares.

In a commentary of the Autonomous Administration t yesterday on these fires, which ravaged winter crops "wheat and barley," the administration explained that it is "fabricated from parties that want to create strife between the administration and citizens."

In a statement to the Hawar News Agency, the co-chair of the Internal Body, Hevi Mustafa, revealed the result of the investigations reached by the body regarding the fires in the region.

Mustafa said that the body has mobilized the entire Security Forces in all departments to facilitate the harvest this season, and to prevent fires that damaged farmers' crops.

She added that "all those arrested until this moment are in the suspicion and have not been convicted of any of these detainees," asserting that the investigation is still ongoing with them and all those suspected of involvement in the fires to find out who is behind them.

She explained that the perpetrators of the fires must be from the cells of mercenaries, , which aims to create discord and undermine confidence between the administration and citizens, and called on the farmers to continue investigations until the arrest of the perpetrators.

At the end of her speech, she called on all citizens to cooperate with the security authorities and to report on everything that could benefit them by identifying the perpetrators.

Earlier this month, Daesh claimed the responsibility for the fires that have ravaged farmers' crops in Iraq and Syria through its official newspaper Al-Nabaa.



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