Intensive work of Women's Council in Manbij, its countryside

The Council of Women in Manbij and its villages has formed many local councils and administrations in the region through a campaign organized by the Council by intensifying visits to women's homes and discussing with them about the councils and ways to develop the role of women in all fields.

The Women's Council in Manbij and its countryside intensified activities aimed at raising awareness of women so that they could play their role in society more effectively. The Council therefore organized visits to women's homes in the city and the countryside.

During the visits, discussions were held on ways to develop women, work to limit the marriage of minors and polygamy, as well as the definition of women's rights in the society.

As a result of these visits, 43 local councils and administrations were formed. These lines were divided between the lines and the countryside. In the eastern line of the city with its countryside, 32 local administrations were established, while in the western line with its countryside, there were 11 local administrations.

In addition to the work on strengthening the role of women and resolving the issues that are submitted to the Houses through the Council of Women.

In this context, a member of the Women's Council Naqshiyya Khalil stressed that the visits are conducted by contacting with women, especially villages' women in order to raise their awareness to be introduced to their rights.

Naqshiyya added that the visits had resulted in women's accepting the idea of women's liberation, and some women had initiated to suggest development projects.



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