Intensive air raids, bombardment on Idlib, Hama countryside

The Syrian warplanes continue to carry out more raids on areas in Al-Riffin and Hamdawi, in conjunction with helicopters firing more explosive barrels that killed a number of civilians.

The Syrian Observatory monitored the warplanes of the regime carrying out aerial raids on the city of Jisr al-Shughour in the western suburb of Idlib, targeting areas in the city at sunset on Tuesday, causing the death of 4 citizens and the injury of at least 15 others, some of them seriously.

The warplanes carried out more than 50 raids on areas in the village of al-Qasabiya in the southern countryside of Idlib and the village of Qulidin in the north-western suburbs of Hama.

While helicopters fired explosive barrels at areas in the city of Khan Sheikun and the town of Hayish, bringing the number to (112) barrels of explosive helicopters fired by the helicopter since morning on areas in the villages of Hama and Idlib in addition to Sahel mountains.



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