Intellectuals see isolation on Ocalan means Turkey insistence to deepen crisis

Intellectuals said that Turkey continues to isolate the leader Abdullah Ocalan because it will guide the region to security and stability, and find solutions to all the intractable problems in the region and the Middle East, "therefore Turkey rejects and insists on isolation.

The Turkish state has imposed an intensive isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan for twenty years, and the isolation intensifies with the passage of days. In his last meeting with Ocalan, he made clear his concern about existing policies in the region.

Commander Abdullah Ocalan stressed during his meeting with his lawyer that the insistence of Turkey to continue its policy will bring serious consequences, every time the commander from his prison on the island of Imralı sent messages to resolve the crisis in the region.

On the continued isolation on Ocalan, Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with the intellectuals of the city of al-Hasakah, who stressed that the isolation was caused by the Turkish state's fear of the democratic projects advocated by the leader Ocalan.

The co-chair of the Academies of Democratic Society in al-Hasakah, Aziz Ali said "Leader Abdullah Ocalan came out to the world and the Middle East community as a representation of their culture, freedom and will."

Ali felt that the isolation practiced by the Turkish state on the leader Ocalan in his detention on the island of Imralı is the continuation of the conspiracy imposed on the leader since his arrest, and added "The difficulties experienced by Erdogan are great at the moment in all fields, Erdogan sees the solution in the war to extend his rule and therefore continue to isolation."

Ali said that although Ocalan has made it clear on several occasions that he has a solution to peace in the region and the Middle East, "Turkey does not allow him this opportunity, because finding solutions to crises will end Erdogan's rule."

"Not only the Kurds, but the entire Middle East society must be one hand," he said. Kurdish society and the Kurdish parties if they want to solve their intractable problems should avoid small problems and stand with each other and hold meetings for the unity of the Kurdish rank.

For her part, Afaf Haski, the co-chair of the Culture and Art Committee in al-Hasakah canton, noted that "the leader's message would have directed the region to security, stability and finding solutions to all the intractable problems in the region and the Middle East.




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