Intellectuals, scientists demand from Europe: Stop the massacre of Kurds

Writers, journalists, scientists and international novelists have sent a message to Europe asking them to stop the massacres of Kurds by Turkey.

A group of international intellectuals (writers, journalists, scientists and novelists) from France, Britain, Italy and Pakistan expressed their solidarity with the Kurdish people in northern and eastern Syria through a letter published by the British Guardian newspaper, in which they talked about the war crimes committed by the Turkish occupation army in northern and eastern Syria.

The letter attacked the president of the Turkish occupation state Recep Erdogan and his Syrian mercenaries, and described the Turkish attack as a "military invasion far from peace and the flagrant truth."

The letter drew attention to the repressive practices of Erdogan and his leaders by targeting opponents of the attack on northern and eastern Syria and affixing the charge of treason to every opponent.

The signatories of the letter demanded condemnation and criticism of the atrocities committed by Erdogan and his mercenaries, the letter pointed out that Erdogan is trying through his attack on northern and eastern Syria to destroy the rights and dreams of the Kurdish people through the killing of civilians. The letter also criticized Erdogan's practices in Turkey by defaming opponents and throwing them in jail on false charges.

The letter thanked the European countries' decision to ban arms sales to Turkey and considered it a necessary, albeit late, step.

In their message, the global intellectuals called for defending the Kurds, who were most credited with ridding humanity of the evil of ISIS. Intellectuals also called on all European countries to stop sending money to Turkey on the refugee issue.

The letter called on European countries to preserve their democratic values politically, regionally, economically and above all culturally.

The signatories to the letter are: Roberto Saviano, Svetlana Alekseevich, Fernando Arambo, Marc Oger, Martin Cabarros, Annie Erno, Elena Ferrant, Bernard Henry Levy, Hanif Kurishi, Salman Rushdie, Mario Vargas Lusa, Herta Muller.



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