Intellectuals, politicians: Plot against Ocalan's leader targets all Kurdish people

- Intellectuals and politicians said that the plot against the leader Abdullah Ocalan targeted the Kurdish movement as a whole, and the aim was to eliminate the Kurdish revolution

Kurdish intellectuals and politicians say that the plot targeted the Kurdish cause in the person of leader Ocalan, and that the aim was to eliminate any movement of the Kurdish people, and not to allow this people to rise again and coup against the Ottoman dictatorship.

Ibrahim Akil, a member of the PYD's General Council, said that "The Turkish state wanted not only to arrest the leader, but also to eliminate the thought and philosophy that this leader entrenched in the minds of his people."

He added, "Abdullah Ocalan restored political life to the Kurdish arena as it restored the revolutionary movement, the countries involved in this conspiracy wanted to eliminate the Kurdish revolution, as happened in the past with Judge Mohammed, Sheikh Saeed and Mr. Reza. "

In a related context, Nusra Darwish a member of the Democratic Union Party, that the peoples are fully aware of the plots against them, noting that the plot did not target the leader as much as it targeted the Kurdish people and the revolution.

Nusra said that "the plot sought to put the Kurdish people under the darkness of the occupation, and to obliterate of Kurdish identity and for all because it is not the first time targeting the leaders of the Kurdish movement, the Kurdish people learned from their experiences, and will not give up on the achievements.

Laila Abdo, the co-chair of the Kobani Canton Intellectuals Union, said "Abdullah Ocalan wanted the salvation and peoples' fraternity, it was necessary to find among the anti-humanity countries hostile and hostile to any human thought, the Turkish government and behind them the governments supporting it was and still is afraid of the thought and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan.

"leader Abdullah Ocalan is not yet treated as a political detainee, this is hard proof of the Turkish state's fear of spreading his ideas aimed at peace and brotherhood of peoples, this is why Turkey is increasingly isolated and prevented from meeting with his family and lawyers. "

She stressed that the spread and expansion of the ideology and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan threatens the arrogance of oppressive governments, which transcend all rights and freedoms and engage in the most heinous abuses against the Kurdish people and their leadership.



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