Intellectuals: Ocalan's views on resolving Mideast crises are inconsistent with authoritarian state's interests

Intellectuals from Afrin saw that Ocalan's views regarding resolving the Middle East crises were inconsistent with the interests of the authoritarian state, which prompted it to impose an intensive isolation on Ocalan in Imrali Prison.

Despite the continued isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish authorities, the authorities have recently intensified the isolation through measures contrary to international laws and norms. The intense isolation on Ocalan has caused resentment and rejection among the popular, cultural and social circles.

A number of Afrin intellectuals denounced the isolation on Ocalan, and called on the Kurdish people, especially the intellectuals and jurists, to fulfill their responsibilities, by spreading Ocalan's ideas among the peoples.

Member of the Aleppo Cultural Forum, Fadela Muhammed, denounced the strict isolation on Ocalan by the Turkish state, and said that "The leader Ocalan is a hope for all the peoples of the Middle East and the Kurdish people in particular. The leader of his democratic project managed to bring security and stability to all peoples, but the capitalist countries that entered into a major crisis seek to export its crises by spreading wars and genocide in the Middle East. "

Fadela Muhammad referred to Ocalan's messages that he sent from Imrali Prison on ways to solve Middle East issues, and noted that the solution to Middle East crises is inconsistent with the interests of the capitalist state, especially the Turkish state, which was forced to impose an intensive isolation on Ocalan.

The writer and politician Jamil Rashid also denounced the isolation imposed on Ocalan 20 years ago, as well as the isolation measures imposed by the Turkish authorities recently, and said that "Ocalan, does not represent one person, but rather the will of the people."

Rashid pointed out that any involvement of Ocalan in the Middle East issues would have changed the scales towards resolving the crisis, "but the Turkish state is afraid of that, and so has tightened the isolation of Ocalan."

Rashid appealed to all peoples, especially the Kurdish people, to be "fit in with the thought and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and work to spread his democratic thought among society." He also stressed the role of Kurdish intellectuals and jurists in order to lift the isolation imposed on Ocalan.

The writer and politician Jamil Rashid noted the importance of Ocalan's views and theories in solving the region's issues, and appealed to the international community to take action to lift isolation.



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