Intellectuals: Mercenaries without trial will lead to serious consequences

Al-Hasakah intellectuals warned that the survival of mercenaries without trial will have serious consequences for the world.

"The people of northern and eastern Syria have provided more than 11,000 martyrs to eliminate the dark ideology of Daesh," a member of the Union of Intellectuals of Al-Jazeera branch, Ahmed Hassou said. "Therefore, mercenaries must be tried fairly in accordance with international laws," he added.

"We have evidence about the crimes and massacres committed by mercenaries, so they must be tried on the ground where the crime took place," said Azhar Ahmed, a member of the Union of Intellectuals.

On more than one occasion, the Democratic Autonomous Administration called on the countries concerned to bring back their citizens and stressed the need to establish an international court in northeastern Syria to try the mercenaries detained, but these demands remained outstanding in the international corridors.

"The presence of huge numbers of mercenary elements  and detainees in prisons poses a threat to the future of the region," Ahmad warned.



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