​​​​​​​Intellectuals: Kurdish women must be leader in achieving Kurdish rank

Female intellectuals explained that all concerned parties, Kurdish forces and political parties should carry out their tasks and unify their ranks, and pointed out that the Kurdish woman must be the leader and activist in achieving these initiatives.

Some forces and political parties have been exerting efforts to unify the Kurdish house and discourse for some time. In the recent past, some forces, such as the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, and Kurdish intellectuals and artists in the diaspora have intensified their calls to the Kurdish parties to unify the row through the initiatives they launched.

Also recently, the leader Abdullah Ocalan, during a telephone conversation with his brother Muhammad Ocalan from Imrali prison on April 27, also called on Kurdish forces and parties to unite ranks and protect the gains that had been achieved.

Members of the Intellectuals Union in Al-Jazeera region made it clear in a meeting with our agency ANHA that national unity is the requirement of all components and segments of the Kurdish people, and through them they can strongly represent the Kurdish people in international forums.

Hasina Ahmed, a member of the Intellectuals Union in Al-Jazeera region, wished all Kurdish political parties to work to unify the ranks against all occupation and colonial policies. She noted that the demand of the first and last Kurdish people is to unify the Kurdish parties with all their affiliations in the four parts of Kurdistan, and to work for the national conference Kurdish and establish a Kurdish reference and represent the Kurdish people in international, regional and local forums.

Regarding the role that lies with the educated women, Hasina pointed out that the passion of the woman and her guerrilla national spirit always give her the strength and determination to make the impossible, and she said: "In the Rojava revolution, 10 years ago, women were at the forefront in all fields and the political, military, social and diplomatic levels and could play a pioneer role in unity of the class also. "

In her turn, a member of the Intellectuals Union, Najla Khalaf the initiatives launched in the framework of national unity, considered it a historic and valuable step. And, she said: "We see that one of the most important requirements of the Kurdish people at this critical and sensitive stage is to strengthen the Kurdish presence and provide protection for it."

Najla Khalaf confirmed at the end of the meeting that: "The Kurdish woman must be the leader and the activist in achieving these initiatives."



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