Injuries, detentions in West Bank, Israel prevents fuel to Gaza

 Four Palestinians were injured Tuesday morning by the Israeli army, who also arrested 9 Palestinians during a campaign of arrests throughout the West Bank. Israel also prevented the entry of fuel into the Gaza power plant.

Our correspondent (ANHA) quoting the Palestinian Ministry of Health, that 4 Palestinians were moderately injured in the clashes in the West Bank city of Hebron in protest against the Bahrain conference and the "Deal of the Century".

Our correspondent (ANHA) quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the Israeli army arrested 9 Palestinians from the West Bank as well, after breaking into their homes and taking control of their private properties.

The Israeli media commented on the arrest by saying that "the Israeli army arrested those whom they described as wanted persons for allegedly taking part in activities against the Israeli army."

The 7th channel, the Israeli army, seized at night the amounts of thousands of dollars of Palestinian homes, allegedly for the implementation of security operations against the army.

In another context, our correspondent said that Israel announced on Tuesday morning to stop the supply of fuel for the operation of the electricity company in Gaza, in response to the launch of balloons fire from Gaza towards Israeli cities and hamlets near Gaza.

The Israeli media said that Israel had decided to stop supplying the only power plant in the sector with fuel in response to the continued firing of balloons from Gaza.



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