Injuries, arrests in West Bank, opened fire on Gaza fishermen, farmers

On Wednesday dawn, 21 Palestinians were injured during clashes erupted in the West Bank after the Israeli army stormed it to secure the Israeli entry into Nablus city. The army also launched a campaign of arrests in different parts of the West Bank, affecting more than 6 Palestinians. The army also opened fire on farmers and fishermen in Gaza.

Our correspondent (ANHA) reported that the Palestinian Health recorded the injury of 21 citizens, including two head injuries, and a two-month-old infant, following clashes with the Israeli army in the West Bank.

He added, quoting from Palestinian sources, that the Israeli army arrested more than 6 Palestinians, after vandalizing their properties and homes, and seizing sums of money belonging to them.

In Gaza, our correspondent said that the Israeli army had fired at Palestinian farmers while they were working on their lands on the Gaza Strip border, and also targeted fishermen at sea, resulting in the vandalism of some of their properties.

The Israeli army's incursions into the West Bank, and targeting the farmers and fishermen in Gaza are repeated on a daily basis, and usually cause casualties.



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